Curved Space hits Xbox One with a playable demo and an army of cosmic spiders

Tackle the first act of Story Mode and take a peek into its branching timeline

Edmonton, Canada — Only By Midnight wants YOU to join the Energy Corps today and wrangle some interdimensional space spiders in Curved Space, now with a playable demo available on Xbox One. Inspired by twin-stick arcade classics, Curved Space is a dizzying third-person shooter with a twist worthy of a Möbius strip. Players will be fighting against (and harvesting energy from) an assortment of interdimensional creepy-crawlies while navigating the warped surface of space stations and asteroid mining facilities.

The demo includes the first act of the full game’s branching Story Mode, putting players in the well-worn boots of an energy miner. Once upon a time, mankind harvested energy from asteroids until the Energy Spiders started pouring in from another dimension. Now people just mine the spiders instead. With guns.

In the demo, players will have to master an assortment of high-powered weapons and special abilities aboard their mining gunship, including a lasso-like energy tether to chain together the skittering invaders and leech their power; this is the wildest rodeo this side of Space Texas.

The full version of Curved Space will launch this fall, and bring a much wider array of enemies to fight, weapons to use and strange space-warping scenarios to explore in its branching and highly replayable Story Mode, along with heaps of gigantic new bosses to fight. The full game also includes an endless Survival Mode, putting a player’s skills to the test in a score-chasing fight to the finish. All of this is accompanied by a pulsing synthwave soundtrack courtesy of FiXT Neon, featuring music from Scandroid, Fury Weekend and 3FORCE.



● 2D twin-stick style shooter action wrapped around gravity-defying warped 3D arenas. 

● Master advanced ship systems. Energy lashes, dash-boosters and Overdrive Mode. 

● A non-linear Story Mode sends players down unpredictable timelines to strange endings. 

● Stylish comic-style cutscenes from Heavy Metal artist Kyle Charles

● Tons of weird and wonderful alien insects to battle, lasso and leech energy from. 

● Face massive multi-stage boss battles in Story and Survival Mode. 

● Over twenty weapons, from laser cannons to magnetic throwing blades. 


Curved Space launches this Fall on Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Release date TBA.

Read more about Curved Space on its official website here and Xbox One demo page here.

Press assets are available here. For up-to-the-minute updates, see the Curved Space community Discord.

Dominic Tarason

Media Contact, Vicarious PR

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